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Podcast: Board Retreat and Strategic Planning Facilitators: How to Search Out the Best!

Updated: Apr 24

Lady at board during best strategic planning session with Tom Iselin

Listen in as Tom goes through a 9-point checklist of attributes you can use when scouting for the “best” board retreat or strategic planning facilitator.

Board retreats and strategic planning sessions are big investments of money and resources, but most importantly, they are big investments of people's time.

And wasting the time of board and staff is the number one reason people dread, and often loathe, retreats and planning sessions. This is why you want to search out the best facilitators because the best ones provide high value, high impact, and can make the day memorable and fun . . . all at a price you can afford.

Listen to the podcast and Tom will give you the tips and tactics you need to find that one-of-a-kind facilitator. Why? So you can have the "Best Board Retreat and Strategic Planning Facilitation" ever!

Tom Iselin

“America’s Best Board Retreat and Strategic Planning Facilitator”

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