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Podcast: For the Best Strategic Planning Facilitators, Look Beyond Your City Limits

Updated: Apr 24

Tom Iselin facilitating a Best Board Retreat event

Listen to this podcast and learn a handful of important reasons why you should consider looking beyond your city limits when searching for your next facilitator.

One way to enhance the quality of your board and nonprofit is host a board retreat or strategic planning session. They can improve engagement, performance, governance, and fundraising skills, and they create a roadmap to propel your organization to the next level of impact.

This is all the more reason to hire the best board retreat and strategic planning facilitator you can find at a price you can afford.

Yes, it can be risky to hire a facilitator from outside your region. But it can also open up more possibilities and you may even end up with a facilitator that is more qualified, more experienced, and even less expensive . . . and many will match the fees of a local facilitator.

We all like to buy local produce and hire local contractors to support the people in our communities, but sometimes you get what you pay for . . . which, in terms of board retreats and strategic planning sessions, can mean lackluster results.

Board retreat and strategic planning facilitation is an art, and your retreats or planning sessions are is much too important to skimp on. So before you make a decision, do some thoughtful searching and interviewing outside your region . . . the results just may surprise you.

Tom Iselin

“America’s Best Board Retreat and Strategic Planning Facilitator”

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