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Interactive. Fun. Memorable.


Expect an EDGE OF YOUR SEAT  Performance!


Reserve a big room!

Standing room only!

Like nothing I've ever seen!

He took the conference to a new level!

​Tom Delivers. He speaks at dozens of conferences a year to thousands of nonprofit leaders. His work and “in-the-trenches” experience have inspired more than 200,000 nonprofit leaders on 6 continents.


Tom is considered a leading authority on nonprofit leadership, board engagement/governance, culture, fundraising, and capacity building. He knows firsthand the challenges, frustrations, and hopes nonprofit leaders face because he founded and helped build some of the nation’s most admired nonprofits in their sector.


Once you hear Tom speak, you won't quickly forget about him or his messages. He delivers straight-talk with compassion, wit, humor, and compelling storytelling. His "edutainment" style of speaking and enthusiasm for helping others keeps everyone riveted and engaged.



The Details

  • Length

    • Average: 60-90 minutes

    • Shorter and longer talks are available


  • ​Style

    • High-energy, engaging, FUN, and practical

    • All talks include interactive discussions and small group work to foster thoughtful, peer-to-peer collaboration

    • Most talks include follow-along handouts and workbooks

    • All talks include fun icebreakers or team-building exercises to deepen personal relationships

  • Books

    • Tom is a bestselling author. Each attendee will receive 1 or 2 of Tom’s latest books for free or at cost ($8):

      • First Things First: A Leadership Guide to Building a Gold Standard Nonprofit (228pp)

      • Cloudburst: A Rainmaker’s Guide to Fearless Fundraising and Exceptional Donor Stewardship (186pp)

  • Areas of Specialty

    • Board: engagement, governance, fundraising

    • Culture: board, staff, organization

    • Fundraising (all types)

    • Capacity building

    • Strategic planning

  • Most Popular Talks

    • Build a "Get it Done!" Board Culture

    • Build a "Get it Done!" Staff Culture

    • 7 Tactics to Engage Your Board and Make Them Happy in Process

    • Fired Up Fundraising for Boards

    • Swap Out Lip Service Passion for Authentic Passion -- Let the Light Shine!

    • Let's Have Coffee -- The Art of Face-to-Face Fundraising

    • This is NOT just Storytelling, it's Marketing!

    • Preparing for a Strategic Planning Session -- Questions No One Ever Asks

    • Successful Strategic Planning -- How to Prepare Your Board and Staff

    • Concierge Fundraising -- Going Above and Beyond to Raise Money and Create Loyal Donors

    • Impact Governance -- Getting Boards Fired Up about Engagement and Outcomes

    • How to Ask Big and Not Fear Objections

    • Personal Branding -- How to Make Yourself Memorable

    • Public Speaking -- 10 Important Tactics Every Great Speaker Does

    • The 7 Most Important Questions to Ask Every Donor

    • Improving Executive-Board Relations

    • Shoestring Fundraising - How to Raise Big Money When You Don't Have a Dime

    • Boot Camp -- 10 Cornerstones to Put in Place to Ensure Success as a Startup

    • Capacity Building -- 7 Key Tactics to Get Bigger, Go Deeper, Do Better

    • 10 Steps to Building a High-Impact Development Plan

    • 13 Arrows Every Marketing Quiver Must Have

    • 7 Tactics to Turn Your Impact into Compelling Stories

    • 10 Things You Must Never Forget to Do to Raise Big Money at Your Next Gala

    • How to Conduct Your Own Organizational Assessment

    • Build a High-Impact Volunteer Program

    • And many more. Have a specific topic you'd like covered? Give me a call.

  • Fees

    • Fees are scaled based on budget size and the number of attendees

    • Tom may speak free of charge depending on the venue

What can you expect?

Wit. Humor. Enthusiasm.

Compelling Storytelling.

"Edutainment" Style That Keeps Everyone Riveted and Engaged





Tom Iselin - Best Board Retreat Facilitator - Nonprofit Conference SpeakerTom Iselin



"Priceless! Tom's opening story reeled me in; after that, I didn't have time to blink. He has an amazing ability to speak with understanding and expertise. For 90 minutes, everyone was on the edge of their seat. He was the talk of the conference!"

– Chris Gimble

“Tom is a powerhouse, inspirational speaker. He gets you to THINK about what’s really going on at your nonprofit!”

 – Leslie Adler

“Great ‘how to’ information compared to most other theory type presentations. Engaging and practical.” 

– Cindy Pease

“Standing room only!

One of the best talks I have ever attended! Delivery was inspiring, passion was super, and information was first class.” 

– Shanon White


Interactive. Fun. Memorable.