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A Rainmaker's Guild to Fearless Fundraising and
Exceptional Donor Stewardship (2nd Ed)
187 pp. 2023
Fundraising, Face-to-Face asks, Gala management, Board Involvement

Cloudburst! The best fundraising book you'll read for your nonprofit.  52,400 copies sold!


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Cloudburst -- 50% OFF (Best Book on Fundraising for Your Nonprofit!)

  • Competition for funding is fierce. You and more than a million charities are competing for a limited pool of funding. Without funding, your mission will flounder. You must raise money. Failure is not an option.

    That’s enough pressure to make anyone anxious about fundraising. Whatever your role and level of fundraising expertise, Cloudburst is a nonprofit bestseller (more than 50,000 copies sold) that gives you the tools you need and the mindset required to improve your skills to wisely and fearlessly ask for money in face-to-face settings.

    The book offers dozens of tactics and examples to help you learn the subtleties of asking for money and overcoming objections. But just as important as getting checks, you’ll learn the art of cultivating donors before they give, and stewarding donors after they give, allowing you to transform one-time givers into loyal and involved donors who are thrilled to support you year after year.

    Cloudburst provides straight talk that makes sense. There are no long-winded stories, no highbrow theories, and no confusing statistics. It’s a comprehensive how-to book, but its principles and tactics are easy to understand and apply.

    For 20 years, I honed a set of fundraising strategies that helped me raise tens of millions of dollars and I’ve been sharing them with thousands of nonprofits to help them raise hundreds of millions of dollars.

    Now it’s your turn. Cloudburst will show you how to become a Rainmaker, an expert at raising money the way donors expect you to ask them, and the way that motivates them to be loyal, generous, longtime donors.

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