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“Tom is worth 10 times the price we paid!”


“One of the wisest strategic thinkers I’ve ever met in the nonprofit sector."


"He’s a gem!” Tom’s committed to helping others achieve high standards. Hire him!


“The most effective consultant we've ever hired in 16 years.”


“He’s likeable, approachable, and generous with his time.”


Word of mouth CREDIBILITY



Brilliant, funny, inspiring. . . simply put, Tom delivers the goods!”


“Phenomenal. Tom is a BRILLIANT COMMUNICATOR. His talk on goverance was concise, inspiring, action oriented, and practical – Zero waste. The guy is SIMPLY AMAZING!”


“A dynamic and captivating presenter!”


“Tom made the quest for excellence exciting and fun, and took the fear out of pushing for top performance.”


“The most constructive and worthwhile retreat I’ve ever attended.”


Logical and cohesive from start to finish. Innovative and energetic.”



Tom’s Bestseller!

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“I wish the IRS gave a copy of this book with every new 501c3 letter they issue.”

 – Debra England, former Organization Specialist, McKinsey and Company


“Tom’s book is a compelling, creative, and inspirational practicum that flows from someone who’s been in the trenches and triumphed.”

– Leonard J. Aube, Former Executive Director, The Annenberg Foundation


“If you’re thinking of starting, building, or rescuing a nonprofit, this is a must read!

– Cole Wilbur, Trustee and Former President, David and Lucile Packard Foundation


“I wish I had read this book years ago. Tom’s wisdom would have saved me time, money, and many mistakes. Great job!

– Jon Sundt, Founder and Board Chairman, Sundt Memorial Foundation


A fabulous read! Highly applicable for any nonprofit in its first few years of existence, and for the rest of us, a great reminder of what’s essential to operating a high performance nonprofit.”

– Kerstin Lynam, CEO, Veterans Medical Research Foundation




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Released date: July 1!

Tom Iselin 

Nonprofit Strategist, Writer, Speaker 

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Nonprofit Strategist, Speaker, Writer