First Things First
A Leadership Guide To Building A Gold Standard Nonprofit
228pp. (4th Ed. 2020)
Nonprofit Management, Leadership, Organizational Development, Culture Building, One-on-One Fundraising, Volunteer Program Development, Building a Wisdom Network, Branding, and much more.


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  • You’re in the nonprofit world because you want to make a difference. To do this, you need to do what works and what's right, not what's convenient or easy, and you need to do what's right, right from the start.

    First Things First is a award-winning, bestselling book (now in it's 4th edition) for anyone working at a nonprofit (board, staff, executives). It focuses on an essential set of governing principles, operational structures, and practical tactics you must adopt and apply if you’re serious about building a gold standard nonprofit.

    Otherwise, your tireless efforts will turn into costly blunders that will stunt or derail your dreams and momentum of fulfilling a worthy mission.

    It's a book every nonprofit executive and board member wished they would have read years earlier. It has sold tens of thousands of copies for a reason -- it's good! . . . and it will help propel your board, staff, and nonprofit to the next level of performance and impact.