FUNDRAISINGRaise Money With Fewer Resources

"Outstanding! Strategic planning with Tom was so educational and helpful, I'm going to hire him to conduct a planning session for my software company. He's a master."

– Larry Shaefer

"Tom's hands-on style of strategic planning is like a GPS for getting to best-practices with the shortest route. Previous planning meetings were all talk and no show, but Tom sends us home with work already in process!"

– Gloria Shell Mitchell

Fundraising: Raise More Money With Fewer Resources




  • Fundraising Plans

  • Fundraising Audits

  • Gala Audits

  • Capacity Building for Fundraising Programs



  • Let's Have Coffee  – The Art of Face-to-Face Fundraising

  • Savvy Marketing to Raising More Money

  • Make it Rain MONEY!

  • Fired Up Fundraising – Getting Your Board Excited and Engaged to Raise $$$

  • Ask Big without Fearing Objections

  • Make it Rain MONEY!



New Workshop!!!


Let's Have Coffee:The Art of Face-to-Face Fundraising



More than 80 percent of giving comes from people. And there is a 70 percent chance a current donor will say "Yes" to a solicitation if you ask them in a face-to-face setting. The problem is most nonprofits spend less than 10 percent of their fundraising efforts asking people, especially high-value donors, for money in face-to-face settings.


This is a gigantic missed opportunity, one this workshop will help you reverse.


Let's Have Coffee! will also show innovative tactics for asking donors for money in personal settings and stewarding them once they give so you can turn current donors into loyal, generous donors who get inspired to give you much more than money to propel your mission. Call me and let's chat about the details of the workshop. :-)



  • Length can vary from 75 min to 3 hours based on the venue (retreat, workshop, speech)  



  • This workshop is high-energy, engaging, and highly practical

  • Interactive and small group work to foster thoughtful peer-to-peer discussion and team unity

  • Icebreaker / teambuilding exercises



  • Fees are scaled based on budget size. Call for details.



  • Copies of Tom's latest book on fundraising (Cloudburst) for all attendees

  • Fundraising assessment to determine the current efficiency of your fundraising program



  • Avoid common mistakes that annoy donors and ensure fundraising failure

  • Learn positioning triggers that inspire donors to make first-time gifts

  • Transform current donors into loyal, long-term supporters

  • Understand donor motivation

  • Face objections with confidence

  • Engage more board members!

  • Tactics for making an initial call, developing call scripts, and handling objections

  • An understanding 10 effective ask types and forms

  • Tips on building compelling marketing material

  • Role-playing

  • Improve the efficiecy of your income channels

  • 9 tactics that will increase your chances of raising more money during donor meetings

  • How to compare the true ROI of your grants, galas, and face-to-face giving

  • And dozens more . . .




Tom Iselin 

Nonprofit Strategist, Writer, Speaker 

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Nonprofit Strategist, Speaker, Writer