Build a culture of engagement for board and staff


“Tom is a pro! He gently forced our board and ED to confront tough issues in a constructive manner that ultimately lead to fixing what was broken culture and healing past hurts. Amazing!”

 – Cameron Hamilton

“Inspiring! Motivating! Tom provided specific steps we can put in place immediately to engage our board to 'work' to fulfill our mission."

 – Joanne David


Build a "Get it Done!" Mindful Culture



The nonprofit world is a human endeavor. Without people, you can’t do anything. You can’t raise money and you can’t run programs. To be a high-performance nonprofit in a fiercely competitive environment—always in short supply of resources—it’s imperative to build a culture that brings on high quality people who are willing to demonstrate their authentic passion for a mission through work and contributions. Otherwise, you’ll be left with lip-service passion—all talk and no action.


More than 9 out 10 nonprofits do not have a defined culture. The “Get it Done!” workshop helps executives and board members understand what culture is and why it’s THE essential organizational cornerstone if they desire to build and run a high-performance nonprofit. The workshop answers the fundamental question: "What does it mean to be part of this (board, staff, organization)?


The result? Board and staff members leave inspired with a unified ethos to roll up their sleeves and WORK together to do the work necessary to fulfill their organzation's mission, not just talk about it.



  • One day, typically 7 hours.



  • This day is high-energy, engaging, and highly practical

  • They day includes several hours of interactive, small group work to foster thoughtful peer-to-peer discussion and team unity

  • For fun, there are a number of icebreaker / teambuilding exercises



  • Fees are scaled based on budget size. Call for details.



  • Copies of Tom's latest books First Things First and Cloudburst are available to board and staff

  • Comprehensive organizational assessment to understand the current culture and "state of the organization."



  • A clearly defined culture (ethos) that can be shared with board, staff, and the community to inspire a renewed sense of commitment to fulfilling the mission

  • An understanding of how culture can improve efficiency, effectiveness, and morale

  • An understanding of the actions required to "fulfill" the mission, not just talk about it

  • A process for bringing on and retaining high quality board, staff, and volunteers

  • Develop specific cultural facets and elements unique to your nonprofit

  • Small group work sessions to facilitate communication, interaction, and teamwork

  • Develop a process and environment that espouses a culture

  • Develop a process for folding a culture into all areas of programming, operation, and marketing

  • An engagement process to increase board and staff involvement in all major functional areas

  • Develop a leadership-centric framework to implement the principles and tactics learned

  • An accountability process to manage the outcomes of the workshop

  • And more . . .


Tom Iselin 

Nonprofit Strategist, Writer, Speaker 

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Tom Iselin 

Nonprofit Strategist, Speaker, Writer