"This Boot Camp is ‘must have’ training for any nonprofit leaders. I learned in two days what would have taken a year to learn."

 – Richard Askew

Leadership Workshop

How to Build a Gold Standard Nonprofit


In this high energy, intensive, two-day workshop, nonprofit leaders learn how to take bold action to adopt 15 essential cornerstones that most leaders overlook or undervalue in their efforts to build a high-performance nonprofit. More importantly, leaders learn how to develop a mindset for operating and sustaining a gold standard nonprofit by taking a strategic perspective on efficiency, effectiveness, impact, and accountability.


Teams work through group exercises based on real life scenarios. Thought-provoking group discussions allow teams to share experiences and insights with peers. And there are plenty of fun teambuilding exercises to break up the days with laughs.


Teams leave Boot Camp with dozens of practical strategies, governing principles, operational structures, and managerial tactics they can use and implement immediately to help them build capacity, improve leadership effectiveness, increase performance, raise money, engage board members, improve programming and staff morale, measure impact streamline operations, embrace technology, stand out from the competition, and much more.


Teams also will leave Boot Camp with a renewed sense of collegiality, understanding the importance of working together to motivate staff and board members to fulfill their mission and achieve their dreams. 



Varies. Typically 2 days, but it can be as long as 3 or as short as 1 depending on desired outcomes.



  • Fees are scaled on your ability to pay. That's fair, isn't it? Call me

  • Free organizational assessment ($1,000)

  • Free copies of business templates used ($100 ea.)

  • Free copies of Tom's latest book on organizational development (Frist Things First: A Leadership Guide for Building a Gold Standard Nonprofit) for all board and staff members



  • Authentic passion vs. lip service passion

  • Hiring and retaining high quality people

  • Developing a culture of work, excellence, and accountability

  • Increasing leadership effectiveness

  • Creating systems of organization

  • Face-to-face fundraising tactics

  • Fundraising planning

  • Establishing a healthy relationship between a chief executive and board of directors

  • Creating systems of accountability

  • Tools for developing systems of measureable impact

  • Branding and marketing tactics to improve response rates and public image

  • How to create a wisdom network

  • Systems of praise and gratitude to improve board and staff morale

  • Public speaking tactics for board and staff to improve outreach

  • Writing tactics for board and staff to influence donors and the public

  • Importance of chief executive development

  • How to build a high performance volunteer program

  • And much, much more!


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Tom has founded and helped build some of the nations most notable nonprofits their sector.

His vision to improve the landscape of social change is well know across the country. He lives in La Jolla, CA, and is always looking for an excuse to hike the Swiss Alps. MORE >



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